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Wafer Sample System

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Wafer Sample System Texas Sampling Tools

Texas Sampling’s Wafer sample system is an inline valve that mounts directly into pipeline. This system will take emission free, representative samples of process while providing operator safety. Our valve design ensures zero dead volume throughout the sample valve assembly. Easy to install and operate, process pressure is used to dispense the sample into the sample bottle.
  • Isolation Valve
    Provides additional safety to the operator.
  • Emission Filter
    Absorbs vented vapors from sample bottle.
  • Vent Check Valve
    Available on systems which are not venting to the atmosphere.
  • Insulated Enclosure
    Maintains constant temperature using steam or electric heat.
  • Non-Insulated Enclosure
    Available for protection from the weather or environment.
  • Pipe Stand
    Available from Texas Sampling to provide convenient system installation.

Process Needle Purge (PNP) is very beneficial to Manual Continuous sample systems.

Patent Number: 5,431,067

  • Provides a representative sample.
  • Removes residual process from valve and needle assemblies to eliminate plugging.
  • Rotameter verifies purge flow for safe operation.
  • Purges sample container.
  • Eliminating corrosion and plugging reduces maintenance cost.
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